Workwear Propositions: an exercise in salopettes

Hello! Another proposition. Another envelope to push farther than the last.

It’s not even that crazy to be honest but I think I’m on a denim kick simply because I am outrightly banned from wearing it at work. Even blue coloured woven cloth is interpreted as denim and faux pas-ed. So here is a ripped, silver hardwear-ed, white denim all over that would make them shake in their conservative, appropriately chosen, one inch wedge heeled slip on shoes.

I really believe in this outfit for three reasons. Firstly, because nobody has ever asked me to paint their walls. Secondly, because dungarees were worn by those most hardworking of folk. Nothing suggests a hard worker more. Thirdly, because I wore this once to my internship at Tank and Caroline Issa gave me a personal stamp of approval. If I had a mic, I’d drop that mic.

Anyhow, see for yourselves.

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Workwear propositions: an exercise in ripped boyfriend jeans

So this really was an exercise in that it felt like a lot of sartorial gymnastics to show that it was not a really dumb decision to buy the blue blazer but not the trousers that went with it. Light blue denim to go with the dark blue jacket and its leather trimmed lapel.

In and out of so many different tops to adjust and tweak to suit different shoes and occasions. What I mean is that I put a silky, slippy, quite low, blue top underneath the jacket and jeans, and to offset this gradation of blue (how many times have I already used the word ‘blue’) I threw in a pair of snakeskin flats that I had to use a decade to break in.

In the heels I chose (I call these my Ferrari heels – so sleek, so shiny), it just felt off to have so much glossy perfection. This isn’t a Testino shoot, yaddamean? Therefore, it was only appropriate to mess it up a little by throwing in a little print and by print I mean a phantasmagoria of white, yellow and red on some stiff cotton. Without the blazer and just the denim, maybe a bit much for me even on a weekend, but with a blazer, it felt pretty good.


 See what I mean? Sexy sleek cleavage-y cami to make it collected on top and instantly on the go at the bottom.


Peekaboo, here’s my shoe. It’s pointed ’cause that’s sleek. In ballet, the point of pointed toes it to elongate your body and give the illusion of a straight unbreakable line. In life, I use these shoes to do that.


Guys, I look so serious in this business outfit. Searching for work opportunities at every turn.


But don’t worry this is me irl. Also note that I feel so compelled to give you a full picture that I even want you to see what the bottom of the shoe looks like. Good grip is important when you’re running around killing it at life.


See what I mean about these shoes??


Blazer: Claudie Pierlot | Top: Etre Cecile | Jeans: Warehouse denim | Shoes: Cedric Charlier

Cami: Topshop | Flats: Isabel Marant


My mother doesn’t like it when I leave my arms out of the sleeves. #rebel


See what I mean buy it being a bit much? I’m putting the sleeves back on for my mother.


But I mean, it was like 30 degrees celcius when I took this so it’s not going all the way up. Sorry mummy.

On style and all its coloured lenses

Fashion month is pretty much through and as I do, as a biannual ritual, I clear out my otherwise much too busy day to abuse my right-arrow key on every. single. shot. for every. single. show. that goes up onto and more importantly (for what better opportunities are there in the year than the two fashion months) to stalk hundreds upon hundreds of snapshots of the fashion glitterati flitting, striding, posturing, twirling across the lenses of the global street style photographer contingent before slipping into the door or up the stairs into yet another show that I lack access to. Whenever I go through these photographs and gaze upon gauzy frocks, clean, sharp cuts, bauble shoes and stiletto spikes, I look at these women whose forms bear the confections and configurations and try to understand the sort of attitude they’ve distilled and managed to convey through their clothes. From the sharp eclecticism that Yasmin Sewell has perfected to the classic suiting with a twist that Caroline Issa has down pat, I read the common language that is the clothes to get an idea of the woman.

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A late redux.

I realise that Fashion Month has catapulted all of us into the 70s for the Spring/Summer ahead, and even though I have my fringe at the ready and my bell bottoms are ready to bellow, I remain reluctant to leave that great decade of cat eyes and cheeky mod lengths behind. This outfit is a kitschy nod to that great era because I cannot hope to combat with my sister’s stellar contemporary-cool interpretation but I can hope to give it a zing of pink.

PS. My hair in these photos are a little insane – a result of my trying to tweak a two day fresh haircut into something a little bit less new and a little more familiar. Sometimes change needs a little time to digest,


A late redux_Zaneta_2


A late redux_Zaneta_3

Got distracted by a dog.

A late redux_Zaneta_4

Crumpled my dress in the process

A late redux_Zaneta_5

The fun things you find in Brick Lane.

A late redux_Zaneta_6

Dress: Now shut shop in Brick Lane; Boots: Theory

A late redux_Zaneta_7

Back to the task at hand.

60s redux the Amanda way

Dress: Topshop Shoes: Topshop The effect is clearly joyous.
Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

Amanda is my sister. She says she only cares about fashion in so far as she can sweat around in it and not worry if she drops food onto the hem of her t-shirt or splats oil onto her dress. Style, she says, isn’t something she really thinks about. But between you and me, that’s not the case.


Exhibit A: the outfit above – a sixties mod shape, in monochrome, rough and toughened with a pair of ugly-chic boots, punctuated with an emphatic silver zip front and centre. 90s punk, 60s funk collision. Aside from the shorter length and the possibility of comments about after work plans to explain the fancy dress, I see this as entirely work appropriate. If only I could appropriate it and look as cool…

Psychedelic. The print can get a little intense.
Psychedelic. The print can get a little intense.
But she's tough too. Clearly due to the boots.
But she’s tough too. Clearly due to the boots.
Concluding close up.
Concluding close up.