Desert Island Dressing 

[verb] to wear clothes in the face of social and cultural adversity, and, when pressed to conform, to continue selecting those items which represents your style irrevocably.

[noun] an interview experience whereby interviewees are asked to choose seven items of clothing they would take to a desert island for an indefinite and prolonged stay

eg. understanding that scuff marks on pair of trainers are not necessarily signifiers of unkemptness but hand inflicted marks of art or that messy hair can be a mark or style rather than lack of self-respect or personal grooming

Z: Hey I’m planning on wearing my top with the deep V tonight.

A: You don’t care that they’ll say you’re slutty?

Z: No. V necks can be tasteful. This one is narrow and tailored.

A: Awesome. I’ll desert island dress tonight as well.

Origins: Derived from the BBC’s Desert Island Discs as a means through which to understand the ways clothing can shape identity. This meaning remains in use in conjunction with its current verb usage. No relation to the salad dressing which bears a similar moniker.

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