Workwear Propositions: an exercise in salopettes

Hello! Another proposition. Another envelope to push farther than the last.

It’s not even that crazy to be honest but I think I’m on a denim kick simply because I am outrightly banned from wearing it at work. Even blue coloured woven cloth is interpreted as denim and faux pas-ed. So here is a ripped, silver hardwear-ed, white denim all over that would make them shake in their conservative, appropriately chosen, one inch wedge heeled slip on shoes.

I really believe in this outfit for three reasons. Firstly, because nobody has ever asked me to paint their walls. Secondly, because dungarees were worn by those most hardworking of folk. Nothing suggests a hard worker more. Thirdly, because I wore this once to my internship at Tank and Caroline Issa gave me a personal stamp of approval. If I had a mic, I’d drop that mic.

Anyhow, see for yourselves.

exercise in salopettes_zaneta_1

White on white on white on black

exercise in salopettes_zaneta_3

exercise in salopettes_zaneta_4

Over the course of all this waiting around, not one person asked me to paint their walls.

exercise in salopettes_zaneta_5

Shirt: rag&bone | Dungarees: Topshop | Shoes: S&W

exercise in salopettes_zaneta_6

Clearly cubicle capable.


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