A late redux.

I realise that Fashion Month has catapulted all of us into the 70s for the Spring/Summer ahead, and even though I have my fringe at the ready and my bell bottoms are ready to bellow, I remain reluctant to leave that great decade of cat eyes and cheeky mod lengths behind. This outfit is a kitschy nod to that great era because I cannot hope to combat with my sister’s stellar contemporary-cool interpretation but I can hope to give it a zing of pink.

PS. My hair in these photos are a little insane – a result of my trying to tweak a two day fresh haircut into something a little bit less new and a little more familiar. Sometimes change needs a little time to digest,


A late redux_Zaneta_2


A late redux_Zaneta_3

Got distracted by a dog.

A late redux_Zaneta_4

Crumpled my dress in the process

A late redux_Zaneta_5

The fun things you find in Brick Lane.

A late redux_Zaneta_6

Dress: Now shut shop in Brick Lane; Boots: Theory

A late redux_Zaneta_7

Back to the task at hand.


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