Workwear diaries: A day in the life of a grad student


Aka Rivky Mondal.

Z on Riv:

This is cheating because she’s one of the most fun dressers I know. In fact, we sealed our friendship over our love for W.B. Yeats, black and leather. I’m not sure if it was the constant grey sky or the bleakness of the literature we were studying but without any prior conspiring we would enter the classroom every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and turn up matching, in black, and in leather almost without fail forming this black nexus amidst a sea of mustard yellows, army greens, rusty reds – the usual librarian chic of most English majors. Thus, who better to turn to than my now Literature BA MA on her way to Dr/PhD for a dose of sartorial freedom that I no longer possess.

Riv on Riv: 

There was a time when I resented rompers. Each one I tried would hug me in all the wrong places (read: camel toe and hippodrome hips). But this romper from Zara is loose and forgiving: relaxed neckline, open back, and roomy shorts all combine in a zephyr – a Zara zephyr. The ventilation is much appreciated.

With this ‘fit, I didn’t have a look or an architecture in mind. The romper isn’t quite as geometric as a blazer (unless you yourself are made of angles). The scaffolding is in the accessories. The chunky Moschino heel and the oversized Miu Miu bag make the look more substantial. It’s become more common to splurge on accessories whilst economizing on the clothing. call it a cop-out, but many a fashion blogger instantly evolves their outfit from Charmander to Charizard with an Hermes bracelet. For this stipended Literature grad student, that’s a theory to stick to.




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